Blockchain PM Jobs #23

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I’ve started talking to crypto projects about the the Chainflow Crypto PM Connect & Kick-Start Program. Projects are becoming interested in the program. I expect a couple to sign-up soon, then more after that.

This means I’ll be looking for PMs to fill these roles. The good news is it’s feeling like there will be a mix of roles.

Projects are looking for project and product managers, in both full and part time capacities. Many support remote working arrangements.

Subscribers to this newsletter is the first place I’ll look to fill the roles. I’d like to start building a list of people interested in learning about them.

To express your interest and be the first to hear about the roles, please -

1 - Drop an intro here


2 - Send your details to blockchainpm(at)substack(dot)io

Please include things like -

A - Who you are

B - How many years of over product and/or project management experience you have

C - How many years of crypto PM experience you have, if any

D - Why you enjoy working in or want to work in crypto

SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition

My friends at the SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition are having their their next meetup on July 15. You can find the details and RSVP here. They also have a Discord channel here.

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

General Pulse - Steady to Acelerating 😐

Chief Product Officer for Dapper Labs at Axiom Zen

Head of Product Development for Dapper Labs at Axiom Zen

Technical Product Manager for Dapper Labs at Axiom Zen

Product Manager - Developer Experience at 0x

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Finance Project Manager, Blockchain at Facebook

Technical Product Manager at Chronicled

Technical Product Manager - Ecosystem at Interchain Foundation

Technical Product Manager - Tendermint at Interchain Foundation

Product Owner and Release Coordinator at Holochain

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Product Manager - Blockchain Analytics at Coinbase

Data Product Manager at Coinbase

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Product Manager at Livepeer

Product Manager at O(1) Labs

Product Manager at NEAR Protocol

Product Manager, Growth at Dfinity

Filecoin China Program Manager at Protocol Labs

Filecoin Product & Business Development at Protocol Labs

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Senior Product Manager at ThunderCore

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master at Huobi

You can also browse the master spreadsheet I filter to create this list. It includes the raw data master I use to track the job listings.

Catch you next week,


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