Blockchain PM Jobs #29

And the new a Blockchain PM Telegram community.


Ok, I give in. It’s time to start a Blockchain PM Telegram community.

I’ve been on the fence about this for a while. One one hand, we’re all on chat channel overload. Who needs another one?

Then I spoke to a crypto PM earlier this week. We exchanged motivations, experiences and stories. The conversation felt connected and inspiring. It also reminded me how underappreciated our work is and how lonely it can feel much of the time.

Announcing The Blockchain PM Telegram Channel

So this is why I’m giving in and starting the Blockchain PM Telegram community. My hope is that it will provide a forum for crypto PMs and those who aspire to become one to exchange motivations, experiences and stories.

We can use it to help each other brainstorming solutions together. We can even use it to vent if we’d like to do that 🤯

There’s nothing more powerful than remembering we’re not alone in our struggle 💪

So keep doing what you’re doing to help crypto projects ship product real humans will use. Join the Blockchain PM Telegram community to connect with others doing the same.

After hesitating about it for a while, I’m feeling excited to see what types of connections it can foster among crypto PMs.

See you inside 👋

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

General Pulse - Steady to Heating Up 🤔

Note: It seems like more centralized exchanges are hiring PMs. PM hiring at more independent projects seems to be steady, if not slowing slightly.

Project Manager at Ava Labs

Product Manager at imToken

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Finance Project Manager, Blockchain at Facebook

Growth Product Manager, Blockchain at Facebook

Product Owner and Release Coordinator at Holochain

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Product Manager at Livepeer

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master at Huobi

Project Manager at Bitfinex

Technical Project Manager at Bakkt

Product Manager at 0(1) Labs

Product Manager at Harbor

Product Marketing Manager at Figure

Technical Project Manager (Infura) at Consensys

Product Manager, Crypto Investing (Cash App) at Square

Product Manager - Retail at Gemini

Agile Project Manager (m/f) at Bitpanda

Project Manager – Legal Operations at Kraken

Product Manager, Digital Media at CoinDesk

Product Manager at OKCoin USA, Inc.

Product Manager - Mobile at Bittrex

You can also browse the master spreadsheet I filter to create this list. Find the most recent version in this folder. It includes the raw data master I use to track the job listings.

Catch you next week,


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