Blockchain PM Jobs #31

And the first Blockchain PM AMA.


I’m planning to hold the first Blockchain PM AMA in February. We can discuss anything related to Blockchain PM. This includes, yet isn’t limited to -

1 - How to get your start as a crypto PM

2 - The differences between crypto and non-crypto PM work

3 - Who’s hiring and who’s not

4 - Sharing crypto experiences that have and haven’t worked for your team

5 - Asking PM questions to help your crypto project get unstuck

Gauging Interest

A few informal polls indicate there seems to be an interest in this. To confirm there is, please let me know if you’re interested by -

1 - Replying to this email


2 - Participating in the Blockchain PM Telegram chat poll (pinned to channel)

Scheduling a Date and Time

Assuming we have enough interest, the next steps are to try and find a time that works for the majority. If you’re interested in attending, please indicate your preferred date/times here.


I’ll use a Substack discussion thread as the AMA platform. I’ve been exploring ways to build a stronger Blockchain PM community using Substack. The discussion threads are a feature I’m feeling hopeful about in this regard.

Spreading the Word

As a single-person operation, my resources are limited. Please help spread the work by sharing this issue on Twitter and retweeting any Tweets you see me send related to the topic.

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

Hiring Pulse - Steady to increasing 🙂

Project Manager Blockchain at Fundació i2cat

Product Manager, Crypto at Robinhood

Marketing Project Manager (Remote) at Bitfinex

Product Manager, Trading Platform - Cryptowatch (Remote) at Kraken

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Localization Project Manager at Binance

Product Manager at Coda

Product Manager, Calibra at Facebook

Project Manager at Ava Labs

Technical Product Manager (Remote) at Lightning Labs

Product Manager at imToken

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master at Huobi

Project Manager at Bitfinex

Technical Project Manager at Bakkt

Senior Product Manager at Harbor

Product Manager at Harbor

Product Marketing Manager at Figure

Project Manager – Legal Operations at Kraken

Product Manager, Digital Media at CoinDesk

Product Manager at OKCoin USA, Inc.

Catch you next week,


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