Blockchain PM Jobs for December 4

And what pains do effective PMs ease?


PMs know the benefits we bring to teams. Part of our work is communicating these benefits to crypto teams.

Along these lines I’ve been looking at what we as PM’s do, from the outside looking in.

  1. How do developer-heavy crypto teams view us?

  2. What does an effective PM do?

I’ve been thinking about the first question for a while now. I recently started shifting my focus to the second.

Another way to ask the second question is -

Pain and Symptoms

“What pain does an effective PM ease? What are the symptoms?”

Asking ourselves that question, from a team’s perspective, will help project and product management gain traction in the space. Gaining traction will help more teams ship products. It’s only once those product ship that they can contribute to decentralizing our world.

Here are a few initial symptoms that came to my mind -

1 - A team can’t get an idea past releasing a white paper, i.e. they don’t know how to get started or where to start.

2 - A team did start and is active, as verified by them through their Github repo activity. Yet they feel they should be further along a/k/a aren’t moving fast enough.

3 - A team is very close to releasing, yet can’t get the project across the release line.

4 - A team’s community is getting restless and antsy, starting to ask roadmap and timeline questions.

5 - A team has launched, yet very few people are using their product.

Raising Awareness

These symptoms aren’t unique to crypto. I mention them to raise awareness of the symptoms.

This awareness is important, since many #BUIDL’ers may be working on their first project. As a result, they may not recognize the symptoms as they’re experiencing them.

What other symptoms do teams that need a PM experience? Let me know by replying directly to this email.

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

Senior Project Manager at OmiseGo in Bangkok

Coinbase Pro Product Manager at Coinbase in San Francisco

Cryptokitties is hiring 3 Project and Product Managers (scroll to end of page)

Product Manager at Gnosis

Project Manager at Aragon DAC

Project Manager at Bloxroute Labs

Product Manager at Tendermint

Product Manager at Oasis Labs

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