Blockchain PM Jobs for November 9th

Tendermint is hiring PM's!


I’m back after attending DevCon in Prague. I also recently left Aragon, after managing their first Mainnet release. This should free some time for me to spend on this newsletter.

I have quite a few ideas for content and look forward to sharing it with an interested audience! The next post will probably be something like “Lessons Learned after Managing Two Mainnet Dapp Releases”.

Let me know if there are other specific topics you’d like to see covered _/|\_

Now, on to the jobs!

Tendermint PM’s

Zaki Manian let me know that Tendermint is hiring PM’s. Here’s the job listing he pointed me to. I got the sense it’s one of at least a few PM spots they’d like to fill.

Let me know if you apply and I’ll let Zaki know. I’ve been running a Cosmos Validator since Day 1. That’s how I got to know Zaki.

Other Jobs

The jobs from the last newsletter are still open too, as far as I know. Let me know if you hear otherwise.

Catch you soon,