Blockchain PM Jobs Issue #22

And notes on an epic PM treatise.

My colleague at ENS, Nick Johnson, Tweeted this PM-related post to me.

I started reviewing the full post, only to realize it would take more time than I allocated to review it. I plan to work my way through the post this week.

I reviewed the summary slides linked here as a first step. Here are my initial comments based on that review.

1 - Goal setting may not work, especially over long time frames, setting shorter-term priorities does though.

2 - Agree on using comparative rankings/ratios, rather than time estimates

3 - Nice concise definition of "story" and depiction of different "strict prioritization" scenarios

4 - Agree on the project planning approach, would suggest that a spreadsheet is a tool and maybe use a tool that's as simple, yet more visual, than a spreadsheet.

5 - Very insightful and powerful visual comparison of restricted multitasking, i.e. a faster cadence for smaller launches delivers more value than slower cadence of larger launches.

6 - Helpful summary of how bugs and stories should be managed differently on "Bug scheduling tips"

7 - "Don't work on bugs that aren't in the current story" < Yes!

8 - I generally agree with the triage section. I need to read the full post to comment more on this.

I plan to publish additional thoughts after I’ve made time to read the full post. It’s a pretty long one 😬

(Originally published on my Chainflow blog here.)

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

General Pulse - Steady 😐

0x -Product Manager - Developer Experience

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Finance Project Manager, Blockchain at Facebook

Technical Product Manager at Chronicled

Technical Product Manager - Ecosystem at Interchain Foundation

Technical Product Manager - Tendermint at Interchain Foundation

Product Owner and Release Coordinator at Holochain

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Product Manager - Blockchain Analytics at Coinbase

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Product Manager at Livepeer

Product Manager at O(1) Labs

Product Manager at NEAR Protocol

Product Manager, Growth at Dfinity

Filecoin China Program Manager at Protocol Labs

Filecoin Product & Business Development at Protocol Labs

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Senior Product Manager at ThunderCore

You can also browse the master spreadsheet I filter to create this list. It includes the raw data master I use to track the job listings.

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