Introducing Blockchain PM

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I’m hoping to launch this newsletter before DevConIV. I started Chainflow in 2017. The idea was to show the value PM’s (product and project managers) could bring to blockchain and crypto projects.

Since then, I became Aragon One’s full-time product manager. My role as ENS’ part-time project manager formalized too. I still advocate for more PM’s in blockchain and crypto.

#BUILD’ing products on blockchains presents unique challenges. The technology is in a very early stage. We’re not sure how users want to and will use it. Developer motivations are different than in typical Web 2.0 startup companies. Development is distributed, not only geographically but among different teams too.

I’m fortunate to be working on these challenges with brilliant minds every day. This newsletter will share what I’m learning about solving these challenges.

This newsletter will also share blockchain and crypto PM jobs, as I become aware of them. The good news is more projects in the space are recognizing the need for us. The bad news is the jobs aren’t easy to find.

People looking to hire blockchain and crypto PM’s continue sending the positions to me. I’ll use this newsletter to share them with PM’s who want to work in the space.

Chris (@cjremus)