Hello guys! my name is Chakradhar and i am a product manger currently building a crypto finance platform. Before working on this project i am an entrepreneur who got failed twice in running businesses for 3 years. In 2017 i get to know about this magic internet money powered with blockchain tech. since then i was trying to get involved in this industry and finally ended up in a job to build a finance product around digital assets. I have a history of being involved in a wide range of projects in an agile environment and has also worked with research teams to design token mechanisms for the projects . My skill-set expands the entire product life cycle from discovery to product delivery that includes product and market research, Conversion Rate Optimization, AB test strategy and reporting and user story writing. i am looking to actively involve in crypto projects to broaden my knowledge in this industry.

Thanks Chris for this initiative :)

Contact info: alphasapien17@gmail.com

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Hello, my name is Alberto Mera. I've been a Project Manager for over 7 years, initially for my own projects (ecommerces, SaaS) and lately for third companies. I was there for the ICO craze and PM'd for some -maybe not so great in hindsight- projects. I have managed devs and quants although I wouldn't consider myself a technical PM. I'm more of a get-projects-running kind of profile. That's me. Thanks.

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