I'm Back 🙂 Blockchain PM Jobs #28

And why chat's the worst way to manage work.


I haven’t sent an issue in a while. The run-up to Devcon consumed me. Since coming back after getting delayed because of the Typhoon, I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up! My plan is to start sending these every other week again.

I’ve also been directing attention to libp2p’s Project Manager search. It’s not too late to apply if you’re interested.

Chat’s The Worst Way to Manage Work

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while. I’m convinced real-time chat’s the worst way to manage work.
Ok, it’s out there now. I feel a little better 😊

Crypto’s overrun by real-time chat channels. I’m on at least 9 different chat platforms and can’t count the number of channels on each platform. If you’ve spent any time at all in crypto, I’m guessing you can relate to the pain this causes.

Using chat to communicate is difficult enough. Trying to manage work through it’s impossible. Yet so many crypto projects continue doing it by default. Once they start, it’s almost impossible to get them to stop.

People drop tasks in chats all the time. Sometimes they’re explicit and direct asks. Sometimes they’re implicit and indirect requests or suggestions. Sometimes they’re addressed to a particular person. Sometimes they’re not. Maybe they get logged somewhere, by someone, often they don’t.

Doing this also causes serious workflow disruption. People see the request and feel compelled to address and/or act on it RIGHT AWAY. Priorities blow-up and get destroyed in the process.

Then people start trying to discuss multiple tasks in a single, real-time chat stream. This becomes a mess of uncorrelated conversations. They require a person to manually piece a conversation together, usually in their head. This results in cognitive overload 🤯

So why do projects continue doing this? Usually it’s the perceived need for speed and the feeling that it’s impossible to slow down, even a step or two. As a result, the process inefficiency actually slows the project down even more than slowing down to establish a simple project management communication tool ever would.

What’s the answer? Slow down, take a few conscious breaths. Establish even the simplest project management tool. Use it to manage threaded and sane conversations. Establish the discipline to have task related conversations in it. Sit back and enjoy the results, i.e. improved efficiency and a saner team.

(This post is an evolution on my thinking about real time chat in general. This post from Doist has been a big influence on my thought process.)

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

General Pulse - Slow to Steady 😕

Project Manager at Ava Labs

Product Manager at imToken

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Finance Project Manager, Blockchain at Facebook

Product Owner and Release Coordinator at Holochain

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Product Manager at Livepeer

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master at Huobi

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Product Manager at OKCoin USA, Inc.

Project Manager at Bitfinex

Technical Project Manager at Bakkt

Product Manager at 0(1) Labs

Product Manager, LabOS (Remote - Anywhere) at Protocol Labs

Product Manager at Harbor

Product Marketing Manager at Figure

You can also browse the master spreadsheet I filter to create this list. It includes the raw data master I use to track the job listings.

Catch you next week,


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