Blockchain PM Jobs for Dec 21

And what is "Shadow PM"?


I’ve been thinking about a concept I’ve come to call Shadow PM. It’s project and/or product management in the shadows.

What do I mean by this? Why should PM work hide in the shadows?

Well, it’s not quite like that. I think of it as PM work following a project like a shadow.

This means a project and/or product manager gets the PM work done. It gets done with minimal team involvement. I see it as building the PM structure under and around a team. The team keeps doing what they’re doing. The foundation and structure takes shape in parallel.

This idea occurred to me because it’s similar to how I operate as a PM. Over time, I’ve learned teams tend to appreciate this approach. It keeps PM work out of the way.

Yet it does intersect with the team’s activity. The PM work wouldn’t be effective otherwise. The magic comes from defining those intersection points.

This creates a PM structure that’s effective and non-intrusive. It may even become well-accepted by the teams participating in the process. The latter seems to be a particular hurdle to overcome in the crypto space.

My thinking on this is evolving. Yet experience tells me this idea might have some legs. Does it?

Let’s discuss in the comments here.

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

Technical Program Director at Tezos Commons Foundation

Product Manager at Request Network Foundation

Product Lead at dy/dx

Senior Product Manager at Origin Protocol

Product Manager at Dharma Labs

Program Manager at Protocol Labs

Senior Project Manager at OmiseGo in Bangkok

Coinbase Pro Product Manager at Coinbase in San Francisco

Cryptokitties is hiring 3 Project and Product Managers (scroll to end of page)

Product Manager at Gnosis

Project Manager at Aragon DAC

Project Manager at Bloxroute Labs

Product Manager at Tendermint

Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Catch you in a couple weeks. Look for the next issue around January 3rd or 4th.

Until then, best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season 🎄 and 2019 🎉


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