Update 📣 Blockchain PM is Back 👋

Hi Everyone,

Blockchain PM is back! It’s been a minute…

The pandemic threw me for a loop, like most of us. As a result, Blockchain PM got inadvertently put on the back-burner in May.

I’m now ready to get this going again. My gratitude to the 287 subscribers who’ve hung around during this time.

I’m feeling excited to be recruiting for 3 to 4 blockchain product and project manager jobs. I’ll be sending the first two job listings out within the week.

This seems to be part of a hopeful trend. Not only are crypto projects hiring but they’re hiring PMs too.

I’ll also be implementing a referral plan. So if the jobs aren’t right for you, you can receive a referral fee for sending qualified candidates to me.

So thanks again for hanging around and stay tuned for the job posts!


P.S. - In the meantime, please join the Blockchain PM Telegram channel, if you haven’t already.