Blockchain PM Jobs #30

And the state of Blockchain PM as 2020 begins.


If I remember correctly, I've written these "State of" posts for the past 2-3 years. It feels like a beneficial way to summarize my observations from the previous year. I hope you find it beneficial!

Among crypto projects, project and product management seems to be establishing itself, albeit slowly, as necessary skill sets. The recognition is strongest on the enterprise blockchain side. Since I'm not interested in enterprise blockchain, the rest of this issue will focus on the "other" side of crypto.

The number of jobs I've found for this newsletter has stayed roughly consistent throughout the year. I think that number's hovered in the high-teens to low twenties. Remember, this excludes enterprise and only focuses on what I consider true crypto projects.

Working with projects via Chainflow, it feels like I'm encountering an increasing number of product managers. This is especially true with the staking projects I advise. There does seem to be a growing number of project managers in the space, yet fewer than product managers.

Projects with traditional investors, e.g. VCs, hire PMs more often that those who have self-raised their funding. Even so, a growing number of product managers are emerging in non-VC backed projects.

VC backed projects usually have founders who have lived the startup cycle before. Their new crypto project isn't their first. As a result, many of them also recognize the benefit product and project managers bring to a project.

So if you're looking for a job in crypto, your best bet is looking at VC-funded projects with an experienced founding team. If you don't want to go that route, volunteer to do some light PM structuring for one of your favorite crypto projects. The latter's how I broke into the space.

I'd say there's still a healthy dose of skepticism among developers toward PMs. It feels like many have been burned by bad PMs in the past. So I get where they're coming from on this.

To work within this bias, I'm still seeing that taking as light an approach as possible to be the most beneficial way to establish successful PM coordination among these teams.

In 2020, my sense is the acceptance of PMs in crypto will continue growing on an incremental basis. The growth should track the urgency projects feel to ship real projects and products that real people will use.

As Ethereum faces more competition for Dapp developers and users, this urgency may increase. I don't see it increasing exponentially. A slow and steady increase is more likely.

So what can we do as PMs? We can work with projects to help them ship, then onboard real developers and real users. Taking as light an approach as possible, while willing to take on more of the PM burden than you may be used to taking on, will help overcome a team's skepticism.

Also. as mentioned before, volunteering with your favorite crypto project is another good place to start. Many of these projects, especially those that aren't heavily VC-funded, can find significant benefit in even the slightest amount of coordination. I'll write more about this in a future post. Let me know in the Blockchain PM Telegram Group if you'd like to discuss specific examples in the meantime.

Getting more effective PMs in the space and demonstrating our value is the key here 🔑

And now, on to this week’s jobs…

Product Manager, Calibra at Facebook

Project Manager at Ava Labs

Technical Product Manager (Remote) at Lightning Labs

Product Manager at imToken

Product Manager at Unstoppable Domains

Product Owner and Release Coordinator at Holochain

Lead Product Manager at Vezt

Senior Product Manager at Bison Trails Co.

Technical Product Manager at Oasis Labs

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master at Huobi

Project Manager at Bitfinex

Technical Project Manager at Bakkt

Product Manager at 0(1) Labs

Senior Product Manager at Harbor

Product Manager at Harbor

Product Marketing Manager at Figure

Product Manager - Retail at Gemini

Agile Project Manager (m/f) at Bitpanda

Project Manager – Legal Operations at Kraken

Product Manager, Digital Media at CoinDesk

Product Manager at OKCoin USA, Inc.

Catch you next week,


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When's the right time to open a new task/issue?

Another way to ask this is “How big does a work unit have to be to warrant opening a new task/issue in your project’s tracking system?”. PMs tend toward opening more issues, more often, while developers would rather open fewer issues, less frequently. How do you strike a beneficial balance between the benefit of tracking the work and the overhead required to open the task/issue?

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How do other crypto projects set meaningful goals and measure success in order to keep up with the fast-paced development in the space?

As asked in the Blockchain PM Telegram Community. I post questions like this in these threads to spark broader discussion and maintain them for future reference. Please join the conversation 👇

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Last Call - Candidates for libp2p PM Opening

And now offering a $500 referral fee.


Thanks to those who have applied to the libp2p project manager position I'm recruiting for.

libp2p’s still speaking with candidates. In case you missed the post the last time around, I thought I’d send it one last time.

Keep reading to learn how to apply. Applying through Blockchain PM bumps you to the front of the line.

I'm also now offering a $500 referral fee.

So if you're not interested in applying, please forward it along to someone you feel might be!

About libp2p

“The libp2p Project ( is an open source (MIT/Apache licensed) decentralized networking stack. It provides all the basic plumbing needed to build a peer-to-peer application:  peer discovery, content routing, publish/subscribe messaging, a distributed hash table (DHT) for scalable record storage, advanced cryptography to secure and authenticate connections, stream multiplexing, and other features.  This abundance of features is libp2p’s key strength. Many of our downstream users started out trying to write their own peer-to-peer networking layer and then, upon discovering how complex it is, decide to adopt libp2p instead.  With Go, JS, Rust, Java, Python and Nim implementations, the libp2p framework is available to a wide range of developers targeting everything from SoC’s to browser-based applications.”

About the libp2p PM Opening

The Project Manager at libp2p will be focused on organizing development team efforts, guiding them toward common goals and milestones, along an agreed-to timeline. The Project Manager will coordinate with the project leads and development team, helping synchronize libp2p goals and the development activity that builds the tools to realize these goals.

This role is focused on the libp2 Project (, a peer to peer decentralized network stack that can form the basis for the next generation of decentralized, networked applications. libp2p already has significant adoption from a variety of downstream projects, ranging from decentralized video to blockchains to browser-based dapps.  

As the Project Manager for libp2p, you will be in charge of helping define and then guide development workflows, while clearing blockers that emerge as the development team executes the work. You’ll do this while interfacing with the project leads, to track, adjust and readjust the workflows, to maintain synchronization between the workflows and the project’s goals.

How and Why to Apply Through Blockchain PM

Blockchain PM subscribers jump the review queue. Here’s how it works -

1 - Apply to the opening here.

Reference Blockchain PM in your application.

2 - Reply to this email letting me know you applied.

3 - I’ll review your application and schedule a phone screen if there’s a potential fit.

4 - If you pass the phone screen, I send a recommendation to the libp2p hiring team to interview you. libp2p has agreed to move candidates I refer to the top of their interview list.

Best of luck and I hope to hear from you 🤞



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What skill sets do crypto projects look for in a PM?

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”hey guys, i've been trying to get into cypto as PM and would like to know what kind of skill set do you see crypto projects looking for in a PM? Any recommendations on how to go about finding a role?”

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